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5v5 [GvG] Tournament - L2Saga High Five x25

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Hello everyone!
We decided to make something different this time.
Introducing our new Tournament for the Season 2 High Five x25.


1st Place - 1000 Donation Coin - 500 Saga Coin.
2nd Place - 500 Donation Coin - 500 Saga Coin.
3rd Place - 500 Donation Coin.

The tournament will take place on Monday 13 April starting at 18:00 GMT +2.
Registration is open until Monday 13 April 12:00 GMT +2

Tournament Rules:


  1. Max grade for everyone participant is A-Grade.
  2. Alt+B and Self buff allowed only.
  3. Clan no limitations.
  4. 5 Blessed Resurrection scrolls allowed for each round.
  5. Talismans not allowed.
  6. 2 Healers allowed per group. (Prophet , Eva Saint , Shillien Saint considered as healer)
  7. 2 Tanks per group allowed.
  8. 2 Overlord per group allowed.
  9. Disconnecting during a match is your own responsibility.
  10. Before every match skills will be refreshed. 
  11. Max enchant allowed on the tournament is +6.
  12. Epics / Shirt / Belts / Cloaks not allowed.
  13. Transformations not allowed.

All matches will be single elimination beside Finals which will be best of 3.


Group leader should leave a comment on this topic with required informations.

Leader Nick:
Group Name:


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