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     Server x15 Opening 21th of January at 20:00 GMT +2
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     Сервер x15 Открытие 21 январь 21:00 Moscow
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  • Revelation x15 High Five - Coming 21 January 2022.




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    • New High Five Server - Onyx» -  Craft-PvP x15.
      » Grand Opening - 21th of January 2022 - 20:00 GMT +2! «
      Dear Players,

      As everything in our days seems to lead to the fact that our High Five Chronicle is in need of a reviving injection, L2Saga is here to take a basic part in the resurrection of it.
      We decided to go a little off books and bring you our new concept.
      Introducing "Onyx" a progressive server with stages and weekly updates.    Basic   Server Chronicles: High Five 5.
        Platform: Java + PTS (Skills, Ai, Geo Engine).
        Server: Craft-PvP - Progressive , Weekly Updates , Stages.
       Maximum Clients per HWID : 3
       Buff Slots: 24+4 +12 Dances and Songs
       Auto Loot: On 
       Server Time: GMT +2
       Server Auto Restart: 01:30 AM (Daily)
       Weight Limit: Unlimited
       Auto Learn Skills: On
       Mana Potions: 1000 MP - 15 Seconds cooldown
       Auto CP/HP/MP : .acp + CTRL+Click on Skillbar
       Class Transfer: free
       Nobless Quest: retail
       Offline Store: .offline
       Auction Market: ALT+B Basic Rates  EXP/SP: x15
       Adena: x7
       Drop: x5
       Spoil: x5
       Quest: x1
       Epaulettes: x3
       Fame: x3
       Manor: x3
       Raid Boss: x1
       Safe Enchant +4
       Max Enchant +16 First Stage First stage will have a duration of 1 Week and will consist of this characteristic's: The following Locations will not be available during the first stage.                                    1. Seed of Annihilation
                                         2. Lair of Antharas The following Instances will not be available during the first stage.                                    1. Low Level Zaken.
                                         2. Frintezza
                                         3. Hard Freya The following Epic Bosses will be available during the first stage.                                   1. Queen Ant 
                                        2. Core 
                                        3. Orfen  The following Event's will be available during the first stage.                                   1. Event Box (More Info)
                                                 1.1: Cost with Adena
                                                 1.2: Available Rewards: 
                                                 Life Stones,Attribute stones , Enchant scrolls , Elixirs , Soul crystals low level (13-15) , Cloaks , Gemstones, Noble Stone                                      2. Sunset Rift (30 Minutes each opening from Monday to Friday - 13:00, 18:00 and 23:00 GMT +2 ) 
                                                 2.1: Drops Donation Coins. Olympiad Olympiad Start: Saturday 29 January 2022 Olympiad Period: 1 Week Olympiad Matches: 100 Matches Olympiad Rewards: 1000 Olympiad Tokens for win and 250 Olympiad Tokens for lose. Olympiad Shop updated with better rewards.
    • Hi, my wife has a problem. She did the nobleman's quest this morning, but the nobleman's skills are gone after the restart. The quest cannot be completed again. Please return the nobleman's skills. Her character's RU name: СосиНогу . Thx
    • I inserted ls and skin into duals, the skin is not displayed. How to fix it?
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