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General Informations

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all_inform.png General information all_inform.png

  • SkF6lnm.jpgServer Platform: OFF-LIKE Java Files
  • skill0758.pngBuff Slots: 24+4 +12 Dances and Songs
  • 9CDXSll.jpgAuto Loot: On 
  • skill0150.png Weight Limit: Unlimited
  • skill0534.png Auto Learn Skills: On
  • etc_reagent_blue_i00.png Mana Potions: 1300 MP - 12 Seconds cooldown
  • etc_potion_gold_i00.png Auto CP/HP/MP : .acp
  • skill1449.png Class Transfer: free
  • skill1323.png Nobless Quest: retail
imgpsh_fullsize_anim Community Board (ALT+B) imgpsh_fullsize_anim
br_flag_of_bookmark_i00.png Global Gatekeeper:                                                                   br_fortuna_box_s_i00.png GM-Shop:                                                          action113.png GM-Buffer:
    image.png.4e211613b3ad0843ea4b39ff06e7033c.png                                     image.png.98b813b24701fe7446eacd50ec2486d7.png                          image.png.0e47b766385b3d640011ec238732cc0c.png 
                      etc_mechanic_box_i00.pngServices:                                                                                                                             etc_l2_i00.pngL2Wiki:
image.png.2b8a70f848c0fd4735262db5505bce02.png                                              image.png.1be8f164842bbf84b7e3fce4517a40d2.png
etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png Clans Bonus etc_bloodpledge_point_i00.png
Npc: Bonus Located in Giran next to Gatekeeper
etc_jewel_silver_i00.png Challenges: etc_jewel_silver_i00.png
On L2Saga we bring you a new way of playing Lineage 2. This is through our Challenges. Which u can access from the Community Board
Challenges are tasks that we give to the players. We have prepared are over 500+ different tasks and everyday the tasks change.
By Going to the challenger tab on Community Board you accept the tasks and you start. 
Make sure to check and complete your challenges daily to be able to get different rewards in-game.
After completing the task you can go back to the Challenges tab and collect your reward.
Note: Rewards and tasks on the screenshots are just for test on the live server will be different.
Etc_ancient_crown_i02_0.jpg Achievements Etc_ancient_crown_i02_0.jpg
Achievements similar to Challenges are passive tasks which while you are playing the game and doing different stuff u collect achievements and get rewards.
Note: Rewards and Tasks on the screenshots are just for test on the live server will be different.
etc_ssq_scroll_i00.png Daily Login etc_ssq_scroll_i00.png
Logging everyday on the server you are able to access the Calendar reward. We prepared a bunch of prizes for you and everyday you will find a special reward just by logging on the server. 
Note:  Rewards on the screenshots are just for test on the live server will be different.
accessory_hero_cap_i00.png Olympiad Information accessory_hero_cap_i00.png
  • skill1375.png Retail Olympiad Games
  • skill1376.png Olympiad Max Enchant: +6
  • skill0396.png Olympiad Period: 2 Weeks
  • skill1374.png Olympiad Time: 18:00(Start) - 24:00 (End)




Why L2Saga is different than others?

  1. Question: Tired of servers who open and close every 2 week's?  Answer: Well organized features and rates to make the server last longer.
  2. Question: Tired of fake online counters and fake votes? Answer: Real online counter will be revealed from Database to not fool anyone.
  3. Question: Tired of bot's ruining your gameplay? Answer: Unique Anti-Bot protection which will not allow Adrenaline/Helper or any other bot connect to the gameserver.
  4. Question: Tired of not getting the right support whenever you need? Answer: 24/7 Support via Forum, Discord , Facebook.
  5. Question: Tired of the same gameplay over and over? Answer: We bring you most modern Features to make your gameplay enjoyable.

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