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Guest Enchantress

Clan Pretorians

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Guest Enchantress

Hello everyone,
I'm glad to announce that Pretorians clan will be joining on L2Saga! As everyone knows, our clan is one of the best and most competitive clans on mid-rates. We have been known to play with this tag for a very long time, on servers such as L2Destiny, L2Era, L2Lionna, L2Rise and many more! We are all about the quality of our clan, that means that we don't do mass recruits! We fight with quality against quantity! We will only recruiting CPs with full activity and full parties at mass-events, such as Epic RBs/AQ/Baium/Valakas/Antharas/Beleth and Siege/TW. We won't recruit CPs, that do not have Bards(BD/SWS) at all times! Gladly we'd like to have strong enemies to fight against. By joing Pretorians you and your CP will make the right choice to have the most organized and competitive atmosphere. Contact on Skype : live:je.fer.son2006 .
Best regards,




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