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hello saga team 

my suggestion 

1st - make siege for castles only aden - giran - goddard - rune 
so siege castle be harder and much better and more action 
on 5th day so no much items people have 

2nd -make a mass vote reward for Fa it will be much better 

3rd - add only 4 events : TvT - DeathMatch - Capture the flag - Korean style 
also Capture the flag only 2 teams not 4 teams so will be more fun in event 
and most players kills got extra reward 

4th - Make reward for top 1 pvp weekly reward so it will be more competitive in pvp  

5th - Make sure potion 24/7 open so any bug or any bot be reported by Potions will be much better
and fast to handle and if someone report about bot give him 10 fa reward :D so people will see for bots and cut the crap 

6th - try to buff the daggers and archers so all class will be balanced 
cuz only trickster can do dmg in h5 servers 

7th - check for rsk focus icarus hammer with angelic icon in paladins most server paladin so week 

8th - don't give any clan reward like 35 members and have clan lvl 8 so there is no fun on it 
let clans farm raid bosses and academy so it will be much better and more fun more auction 

9th- if u make max clan 80 members it will be much better so there is no boxes in big clans 
and can be more then 2 or 3 sides 

10th- make enchant safe 4 max 10 with normal chance 25% - blessed chance 30% 
so hard to make it even +6 so armor be more worth it with +++ enchant 

and good luck 

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