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L2Saga - [Nemesis] High Five x15 Features & Information

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New High Five Server - Nemesis» -  Craft-PvP x15.
» Grand Opening - 02th of April 2021 - 20:00 GMT +3! «

Why L2Saga is different than others?

  1. Question: Tired of servers who open and close every 2 week's?  Answer: Well organized features, rates and balance to make the server more enjoyable.
  2. Question: Tired of fake online counters and fake votes? Answer: Real online counter will be revealed from Database to not fool anyone.
  3. Question: Tired of bot's ruining your gameplay? Answer: Unique Anti-Bot protection which will not allow Adrenaline/Helper or any other bot connect to the gameserver.
  4. Question: Tired of not getting the right support whenever you need? Answer: 24/7 Support via Forum, Discord , Facebook.
  5. Question: Tired of the same gameplay over and over? Answer: We bring you most modern Features to make the server be more fun and last more longer.
  6. Question: Tired of Donation Under the desk? Answer: No hidden Donation and Fair Donation system where players get only coins via the Donation Store.


 tick.png Server Chronicles: High Five 5.
 tick.png Platform: Java + PTS (Skills, Ai, Geo Engine).
 tick.png Server: Craft-PvP - Easy start, without difficult character leveling.


   What awaits you on the world of Nemesis x15

2-21462_free-icons-png-star-with-no-back High and stable online!
2-21462_free-icons-png-star-with-no-back Strongest players, clans & parties!
2-21462_free-icons-png-star-with-no-back 24/7 Action on Sieges,Territory Wars & Grand Bosses!
2-21462_free-icons-png-star-with-no-back Constant server supported by advertising!
2-21462_free-icons-png-star-with-no-back Long-term Server without wipe!

   Dates to Remember

Exploit.png 20 March: Advertising Campaign starts. 
Exploit.png Online: Beta Stage
Exploit.png 02 April: Grand Opening  20:00 GMT+ 3
Exploit.png 11 April: First Sieges
Exploit.png 17 April: First Territory War
Exploit.png First Epics:  5-8 Days after Server Launch
Exploit.png Up-To Date: Olympiad Start


   Server Rates

73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond EXP/SP: x15
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Adena: x3
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Drop: x3
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Spoil: x3
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Quest: x1
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Epaulettes: x5
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Fame: x3
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Manor: x3
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Raid Boss: x1



73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond GM-SHOP can be found at our Community Board (ALT+B)
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Armor,Weapons,Jewlery up to S-Grade 
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond All Consumables and Mix items that u need through your game adventure
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Pets/Clan and more can be found



73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Contains full buff that helps you progress in-game without needed boxes of buffers to buff yourself.
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Buff Slots: 24+12 (8 Slots of Debuffs)
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Duration: 2 Hours

   Enchant & Attribute

73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Safe Enchantement: +4
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Maximum Enchantement: +16
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Chance of Enchantement is Dynamic: Starting from 48% at +5 and decreasing for each +1 
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Attribute: 120 Armor & 300 Weapon
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Chance for Insert Stone of Attribute = 45%
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Chance for Insert Crystal of Attribute = 33%

   Clan & Alliance

73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Score for Academy finish 650 Clan Reputation.
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Clan Members Limit - *Up-To Date*
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Numbers of members to raise clan level is decreased.
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Player Dissmiss (Clan Penalty 1 Hour)
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Player Leave Clan (Player Penalty 1 Hour )
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Leaving/Kicking from Allicance (24 Hour Penalty)
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Clan Bonus NPC in Giran 

   Other Information

73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Champion Monsters till level 75
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Minimum Level to chat in-game is 65
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Minimum Level for offline store is 65
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Minimum Level to send mail is 65
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Mail requires 1 minute to deliver
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Shout (!) and Trade (+) chat global
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Macro "cooldown rd" enabled
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Player Buff Store enabled in Giran/Aden
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Main/Trade town Giran 
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond 3 Clients per HWID

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   Epic Jewlery Update

Due to players feedback we decided to make some epic bosses relevant once again.

EyrlKub.jpg Updated Ring of Core : It has the following effects: MP +26, an increase in poison resistance by 20, an increase in poison chance by 20, an increase in accuracy by 3. and Increase P.att & M.att by 4%.

mPIKvOX.jpg Updated Earing of Orfen : It has the following effects: MP +39, increased healing by 5%, an increase in poison resistance by 20, an increase in poison chance by 20, Reduces MP consumption by 5% and Increase P.def & M.Def by 4%.

By Combining 2 of Each Jewlery together you get an Improved Version of this Epic Jewel.

Item_49579.jpg.f4a99854713e2d01ee48f016e3e64b2e.jpg Improved Ring of Core : It has the following effects: MP +26, an increase in poison resistance by 20, an increase in poison chance by 20, an increase in accuracy by 3. and Increase P.att & M.att by 10%.

Item_49578.jpg.3906ccc3c2f0b039734be14f78e82752.jpg Improved Earing of Orfen : It has the following effects: MP +39, increased healing by 5%, an increase in poison resistance by 20, an increase in poison chance by 20, Reduces MP consumption by 5% and Increase P.def & M.Def by 10%.

Such changes will make jewelry more valuable, which should contribute to the emergence of additional reasons for mass battles between players for such a significant reward.

   Other Information

73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Adena Saga Coin Donation Coin are the main economy coins of our Server
      etc_adena_i00.png.d245da8444d19a657f1cb0    image.png       image.png
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Unique Community Board which contains everything image.png
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Auto-Learn skills till Level 80 (Forgotten Books etc_spell_books_element_i00.png Can be farmed or Purchased)
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Infinite soulshots etc_spirit_bullet_gold_i00.png and Arrows etc_shining_quiver_i00.png
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Inventory Slots skill0332.png and Weight skill4270_1.png Increased
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Class Transfer for Free
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Shadow item's up to C-Grade for Starting Characters
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Vote Rewards for Mass and Single
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Unique Cloak's image.png
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond DressMe system for change your Visual Apparence.
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Hellbound island starting at Level 11
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Toogle for Potions Auto Use image.png (CTRL+CLICK on Skillbar)
73838b52970b2e39aa8b11fd96e6998b-diamond Mana Potions restore 1200 Mana every 12 Seconds.

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tick.png Olympiad Opened from 18:00 till 00:00 GMT +2
tick.png Inside Olympiad your gear enchantment will get automatically dropped to +6
tick.png To start the Olympiad in non-class battles need 4 players.
tick.png Installed protection only one character per HWID.
tick.png Teleportation time 60 seconds.
tick.png Olympiad Period 1 Week.
tick.png Issuance of hero Saturday.
tick.png Matches per period: 80.

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accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png  Zaken Daytime  83 Level - 9 Players
accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken Daytime 60 Level - 9 Players
accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png Zaken Nightime 60 Level - 36 Players


accessory_necklace_of_frintessa_i00.png Frintezza - 9 Players 


accessary_queen_of_ice_necklace_i00.pngFreya Normal - 9 Players
accessary_queen_of_ice_necklace_i00.pngFreya Hard - 18 Players


br_wp_tiatenon_i00.png Tiat - 11 Players ( Need CC)

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tick.png 3 LOA Bosses (Dragon Beast , Behemoth Leader , Drake Lord) respawn every 12 Hours , you need to hit the boss for at least 20 seconds to get the quest item from the dead body.
tick.png 24 Reworked (Stats/Drops) World Map Bosses to give to the Server More Action at any time of the day.  ( Water Spirit Lian , Hannibal , Gwindorr , Last Titan Utenus , Hekaton Prime , Gorgolos , Ketra's Hero Hekaton , Ketra's Commander Tayr , Ketra's Chief Brakki , Varka's Hero Sadith , Varka's Commander Mos , Varka's Chief Horus , Ember , Uruka , Cherub Galaxia , Fire of Wrath Shuriel , Last Lesser Giant Glaki , Hestia , Flamestone Giant , Storm Winged Naga , Last Lesser Giant Olkuth , Decabria , Death Lord Ipos , Death Lord Shax)
tick.png All epics Epic Bosses will be dead from the start.
tick.png All Epic Bosses and their guards have Level 80+.

   Epic Bosses respawn time

All the Epic Bosses are tied to the evening Respawn from 21:00 till 23:00 GMT +2

  • Queen Ant: Every day  Window 21:00-22:00 GMT +3
  • Core: Every 2 Days  Window 21:00-22:00 GMT +3
  • Orfen: Every 2 Days  Window 21:00-22:00 GMT +3
  • Baium: Every 5 Days  Window 22:00-00:00 GMT +3
  • Antharas: Every 8 Days  Window 22:00-00:00 GMT +3
  • Valakas: Every 11 Days  Window 22:00-00:00 GMT +3
  • Beleth: Every 8 Days  Window 22:00-00:00 GMT +3

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   Auto Farm Assistant

As we all know that lately plenty of servers including Official NC-Soft have been allowing players to Farm Freely without using Fingers.
For us this is not good because we think that this ruins the economy of the server this is why L2Saga came on a unique solution.
We will have an Unique Auto Farm assistant which will be allowing players to be able to Auto Farm only for 4 hours per day. (HWID Restricted)
We allow this to give to our players some time to breath , go to toilet or alt tab for few time.

   Server Commands

 .cfg : Character Control Panel
 .reward : Vote and Earn your rewards
 .party : Search for members and invite them to kill instances or farm by sending a mass message as global
 .offline : To set a Offline Private Store (Buy/Sell/Sale/Craft)
 .buffstore : Setup Buffer Store for sell your class buffs to other players
 .offlinebuff : Offline Buffstore
 .siege : Siege Full Information
 .openatod : Open Ancient Tome of Demon
 .dressme : Change Visual Costume of your character (Armor/Weapon/Cloak/Shield)
 .report : Target a player you think is suspicious and he will get captcha system
 .stream : Get rewards by streaming at our server 


   Daily Challenges

On L2Saga we bring you a new way of playing Lineage 2. This is through our Challenges. Which u can access from the Community Board. 
Challenges are tasks that we give to the players. We have prepared are over 300+ different tasks and everyday the tasks change.
By Going to the challenges tab on Community Board you accept the tasks and you start. 
Make sure to check and complete your challenges daily to be able to get different rewards in-game.
                    image.png         image.png
After completing the task you can go back to the Challenges tab and collect your reward.


Achievements similar to Challenges are passive tasks which while you are playing the game and doing different stuff u collect achievements and get rewards.



Logging everyday on the server you are able to access the Calendar reward. We prepared a bunch of prizes for you and everyday you will find a special reward just by logging on the server. 



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   TvT (Team vs Team)

Players are randomly divided into 2 teams - red and blue.
The team that killed the most opponents wins.
Event is held randomly during the day
Registration Time: 10 Minutes.

   CTF (Capture the flag)

Players are randomly divided into 4 teams - red, blue , green , yellow
The goal is to capture the flag of rivals and bring it to your base.
The award is received by the players of the winning team.
Event is held randomly during the day
Registration Time: 10 Minutes.

   Treasure chest

Kill as many opponents as possible and open as many chests as possible.
For each successful opening of the chest, you get a reward.
Event is held randomly during the day
Registration Time: 10 Minutes.


 The goal in Deathmatch Event, also known as free-for-all, is to kill as many other players as you can in 10 minutes.
 After death, you will respawn in random location after 10 seconds. The one with the most kills wins the Event.
 Event is held randomly during the day
 Registration Time: 10 Minutes.

   Korean Style

 Korean Style is a Team Event. All you need to do is defeat enemy Team in 1 VS 1 Fights. Prove you are the best and kill the enemy in a fair battle!
 Event is held randomly during the day
 Registration Time: 10 Minutes.

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