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[Event] 9v9 [GvG] Tournament - Dominion x10

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Hello everyone!
Introducing our new Tournament for the High Five x10.


1st Place -  150 Euro - 500 Donation Coin - 500 Saga Coin.
2nd Place - 50 Euro - 500 Donation Coin - 500 Saga Coin.
3rd Place - 500 Donation Coin - 500 Saga Coin.

All Participants teams will get 200 Donation Coin - 200 Saga Coin.

The tournament will take place on Monday 12 October starting at 22:00 GMT+3
Registration is open until Monday 12 October 12:00 Midday
Tournament Rules:

  1. Alt+B (Only on start of the match) and Self buff allowed only.
  2. Clan Level 5 No Clan Skills.
  3. 5 Blessed Resurrection scrolls allowed for each round.
  4. Talismans allowed.
  5. 2 Healers allowed per group.
  6. 1 Elder allowed per group.
  7. 2 Tanks per group allowed.
  8. 1 Overlord per group allowed.
  9. Disconnecting during a match is your own responsibility.
  10. Before every match skills will be refreshed. 
  11. Transformations not allowed.
  12. No Gear Limitations.
  13. No Hero Skills/Weapons allowed.

All matches will be single elimination beside Finals which will be best of 3.


Group leader should leave a comment on this topic with required informations.
Leader Nick:
Group Name:

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Leader CP: Paranoia

Group name: Mad CP 


BTW: Sunday seems to be a much better day for such event, since there are only sieges which are boring and nothing is happening except fame farming, from other side, people do work at monday so at the weekend it is much better for them to play. Consider changing date to 11.10.2020 😆

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