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  1. Recruitment to the Orion clan is open. The history of our clan begins in 2005 on the lineage2world.com project, glorious times were the first FREE project. Who played on lineage2world.com ask me to find the old friendly community survived! in the vastness of L2. We are looking for a ready-made party (We provide with gear). We are looking for good assistants (we put on). We are looking for BP (Bonus is being discussed) also full support (It will not be boring). Good players with stable online are welcome, party will be formed Perspective: We play a friendly clan on Relax, FAN, Epics, the clan will expand who wants to grow in the World Lineage 2 Clan Leader will support in creative growth. 1. Age 20+ (Strictly). 2. The presence of TeamSpeak 3 (with a microphone). 3. Attendance at all meetings of the clan. We welcome independent, adequate, interesting personalities with good game play. TeamSpeak3: orion.xts.su (you can find us here) Skype: happyazizjon Main Telegram channel: https://t.me/rushgang Orion Telegram clan chat: https://t.me/Rushgangers Private Telegram channel: https://t.me/Rushgangs Discord: Rushgang#0253 The strong don't look for easy ways. Best regards, David.