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  1. Foxis

    Clan Pretorians

    wau, you are soo pro to kill ppl with sos+appe.. yes you dont need soft for this, but brain neither ...sos+appe -> autoattack -> and iq is decreasing... teach us senpai
  2. WHat do you want? cancel 5 buffs on each crit hit? ....
  3. Foxis

    box limit?

    Yo, maybe i am blind but i couldnt find it anywhere, so what is box limit? 3, 4, unlimited?... thanks
  4. Foxis

    Old Bosses New Rules ( PVP + Rewarding Loot )

    15 BEWS , 20 BEAS ,30 GC , 15 GCM , 1,000 Noble Stones ( A LOT ) thats simply overkill...
  5. There was once legend, that is telling a story about MONSTER, that appeared in our world long time ago. Monster with aura more horrifying then Goddess Shillien herself. Monster that even Goddess of Destruction, Shillien feared. Some people think this monster is from different dimension that traveled for many many years until it got on our world. Little Elf with big claws, big head and horns. This demon murdered thousands of adventurers and even some heroes were defeated after fighting many hours death battle with this monster. His name is .... GREMLIN!
  6. Foxis


    for me that girl on profile is nice and cute.. i wonder what kind of girls do you like some 120 kg or 20kg?
  7. Foxis


    ten tvuj invite je vzdy proslej
  8. Foxis

    Forgotten Scrolls

    tiat .. ehm.. with that many criticals i amnot sure i wanna do that.. and ekimus... lel.. dont know even single person who did ekimus (i amnot counting official servers) 18 ppl req and 99% pop doesnt know even it exist
  9. Foxis


    Ia that You on your profile photo? If yes then i am your Fan from Now And i am single As well! ??
  10. Foxis


    Achyle? Budeš dnes online na bete? Nebo máš nějaký kontakt?
  11. Foxis

    Forgotten Scrolls

    Well.. i suppose that 81 drop from zaken And mobs, 82 from mobs And 83 from tezza? Or i am Wrong?
  12. Foxis


    w8 one hour more
  13. Foxis


    WHen server open? Now or in 1 hour? i am confused from all that time changes and etc... some of them have summer time, some of them doesnt have...
  14. Foxis


  15. Foxis

    Ant Queen

    +1 for lvl 40 aq with restriction for entry (45+ cant enter and if you delvl from 46+ you loose skills, even enchanted, sub skills and etc.. i had enough of AQ pvp where donators were owning