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  1. Yes KinkoV is right... nobody cares about ppl who farm. Just open oly now and make donators happy :) thats it.
  2. I guess you never played saga bro.
  3. Its already so much pay to win. All the ppl who got boosted by weps and cloaks and belts, will be so ahead... Some ppl didnt even make vorpals already other are full maxed... It's disadvantaging the ppl w/o donate, pls its already too much pay to win.
  4. ShaGuaR

    A group of 4

    We are a group of four we are looking for clan for events/ raids/pvp !
  5. ShaGuaR

    Beta Tournament - 3v3 - A-Grade [Beyond x25]

    Leader Nick: BatDidoImmortala Group Name: Immortals
  6. 24/7 autofarm 1 account per HWID - This way you let ppl who work to be able to play... you can still double farm with non-stop farming ppl... No OLF Shirt - this is donators advantage... nobody else wins +10 olf is total disbalance.... Total Event=Donation - you should make ppl who cannot donate be competitive otherwise you just make the server donation only(PAY TO WIN)... I think thats the best suggestions... Anyways admins have the last words...