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  1. UgandaFromRetail

    Clan Pretorians

    start script and watch how your char play need alot of brain at least i play with hands and cordinated gameplay
  2. UgandaFromRetail

    Clan Pretorians

    I play for fun sos+ape and kill all without soft
  3. server not gonna make it until you get pvp wep anyway
  4. UgandaFromRetail

    Clan Pretorians

    why even play this game if soft playing for you?
  5. UgandaFromRetail

    BUG Stucking

    ya its sucks bcose most ppl click fast and mowe a lot imagine you stuck in oly lul
  6. UgandaFromRetail

    Some bug / cmd

    wtf never seen anything like that so it should be same with fear 1 nuke fear gone since 2k dmg
  7. UgandaFromRetail

    adr stone drop rate

  8. UgandaFromRetail

    Some bug / cmd

    what abut this? hit summoner 20times and real target still stay?
  9. UgandaFromRetail

    Some bug / cmd

    FIRST FIGHT REAL TARGET STAY ALL MATCH idk where you take that real target goes off after crit dmg
  10. UgandaFromRetail

    adr stone drop rate

    shimeras 3-4% other locations super low aswell its not even 1x server drop its even lover http://l2j.ru/index.php?p=1&id=22352 13% chance on 1x your server drop rates is 0.2x is that a joke?
  11. UgandaFromRetail

    EPIC BOSS lvl 1? wuuut?

    hes probably never saw champion mob
  12. UgandaFromRetail


    with 9 ppl you need to kill 135k mobs
  13. UgandaFromRetail


    we still have same low rewards from last server THIS IS REWARD THAT YOU SHOWED IN FEATURES
  14. UgandaFromRetail


    if you like 5/10 gl
  15. UgandaFromRetail

    Beta instnces