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  1. stillfree

    Mage pt lf ppl

    up, need bard/bp
  2. stillfree

    Mage pt lf ppl

    Mage pt ru/int full online first weekend an 20-24 weekdays (gmt+3), need about 4 ppl more, any classes are still available discord stillfree#1885
  3. stillfree

    Kuropak lf people

    up, last slot
  4. stillfree

    Kuropak lf people

    Hello, bp bp sws bd slh (phys) trickster trickster sk flexible (3rd trickster/jud/paladin/idk) Need 2 more people to play in the aforementioned setup. We can shuffle roles according to desires/abilities, so if you want and know how to play any class, ping me here or in discord stillfree#1885 Also anyone is welcome to join as 10th RU: Нужны два человека закончить состав. Сначала набираем 9, потом распределяем роли. Если хотите и можете играть одним, а лучше несколькими классами и перечисленных - обращайтесь тут или дискорд stillfree#1885
  5. I'd choose no buff no mana pots, but that will scare a lot of potential players, so option with 2nd class buffs and nerfed mana pots sounds interesting.
  6. stillfree

    Various bugs found on OBT

    We just tested aura flash +30 power in soa - works almost 100% of times (mobs start "derping" for 1-2 seconds doing nothing). Idk whether +chance enchant has some issues, or different mobs/locations, or just unlucky
  7. stillfree

    Various bugs found on OBT

    Hello, there are some issues at this server, but loa works good here. Regarding 1-2 points, they seem to be retail like, and actually at season 2 mage parties farmed bridge first day with dc robes, and farmed kariks a bit later with first vesper robes. point 3 - that is why he is a "Scout", it works retail-like, you can hide with shadow from the scout point 4 - do not remember how it should work exactly
  8. stillfree

    Pool for Safe Enchant

    Played here since s2 start, voting for +4. +3 vs +4 enchant is irrelevant, since +10 weapons/sets are achieved relatively easy However, +4 gives a little extra simplicity to gladiators, bd, spoilers, daggers, who are quite balanced here, and dont benefit too much from this feature.
  9. stillfree


  10. stillfree


    Mage cp with 8/9 main pt and 3 subs looking for bard to complete the setup. Preferably English-speaking, but Russian-speaking will suffice.
  11. stillfree

    LF CP

    Hi, forum does not allow me to send private, because I already have one openned thread We happen to need HK/SWS, but ol is taken, unfortunately (may be discussed, however). If you are interested, ping stillfree#1885 in discord, or send msg here in private (maybe then I will be able to reply)
  12. stillfree

    AtomBomb Recruit

    Sounds like an explosive clan
  13. stillfree

    BP LF CP

    stillfree#1885 disc
  14. stillfree

    I was too bored so i wrote this....

    I'd jump in and upvote the topic starter. I also would like to elaborate the idea with my thoughts. RaeF actually suggests reasonable improvements. This is not a complaint submitted by a player who cant get smth because of inability to donate or farm. A lot of items, are, indeed, useless in saga/donate shop, because it is easier to get them via regular market. Reconsidering some prices will not only allow players to have more ways to get some items, but also add variety to GM shop, and potentially result into more donation income for the server. (If you do not have logs of what items players buy in GM shops most frequently, you can just always ask players). One more potential reason to do this kind of "review", is that having unreasonable and random prices in GM shop and rewards in calendar might make some players think about two following reasons behind the existance of those inconsistencies: - you do not have control over those settings (e.g. calendar is some copypaste files) - you do not pay attention to that stuff (and, as you said, you do value feedback, and do not want to look like some simple and useful matters are ignored)
  15. It is actually a description issue. It should not give p atk, but it gives m atk bonus with any weapon: {p_physical_attack;{ancientsword;crossbow;rapier};10;per};{p_magical_attack;{all};10;per};{p_fatal_blow_rate;10;per}