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    "NEW-UPDATED" L2Saga Re-Mastered » - PvP x100.» Release - UP-TO-DATE « Why L2Saga is different than others? Question: Tired of servers who open and close every 2 week's? Answer: Well organized features, rates and balance to make the server more enjoyable. Question: Tired of fake online counters and fake votes? Answer: Real online counter will be revealed from Database to not fool anyone. Question: Tired of bot's ruining your gameplay? Answer: Unique Anti-Bot protection which will not allow Adrenaline/Helper or any other bot connect to the gameserver. Question: Tired of not getting the right support whenever you need? Answer: 24/7 Support via Forum, Discord , Facebook. Question: Tired of the same gameplay over and over? Answer: We bring you most modern Features to make the server be more fun and last more longer. Question: Tired of Donation Under the desk? Answer: No hidden Donation and Fair Donation system where players get only coins via the Donation Store. Basic Server Chronicles: High Five 5. Platform: Java + PTS (Skills, Ai, Geo Engine). Server: PvP - Easy Farm "PvP-Based" Server Why L2Saga x100? High and stable online! Strongest players, clans & parties! 24/7 Action on Sieges,Territory Wars & Grand Bosses! Constant server supported by advertising! Server without wipe! Server Rates EXP/SP: x100 Adena: x50 Drop & Spoil : x1 [special drop & spoil in Dragon Valley, Antharas Lair, Seed of Annihilation] Epaulettes: x20 Fame: x3 Epic Boss: x1 Enchant & Attribute Safe Enchantement: +4 Maximum Enchantement: +20 Unique Scroll is Required from +16 till +20 Chance of Enchantement is Dynamic: Starting from 66% at +5 and decreasing for each +1 Attribute: 120 Armor & 300 Weapon Chance for Insert Stone of Attribute = 55% Chance for Insert Crystal of Attribute = 45% Clan Information Score for Academy finish 650 Clan Reputation. Numbers of members to raise clan level is decreased. Player Dissmiss (Clan Penalty 1 Hour) Player Leave Clan (Player Penalty 1 Hour ) Leaving/Kicking from Allicance (24 Hour Penalty) Clan Bonus NPC in Giran Other Information Champion Monsters till level 85. Minimum Level to chat in-game is 65. Minimum Level for offline store is 65. Minimum Level to send mail is 65. Mail requires 1 minute to deliver. Shout (!) and Trade (+) chat global. Player Buff Store enabled in Giran/Aden. Main Town - Talking Island GoD. 3 Clients per HWID. Auto Farm Assistant. Epic Jewelry Update Due to players feedback we decided to make some epic bosses relevant once again. Enhanced Jewels can be obtainable by combining the default Jewel or with a small chance to each Epic Boss. Updated Enhanced Earring of Antharas: Updated Enhanced Necklace of Valakas: Updated Enhanced Ring of Baium: Updated Enhanced Ring of Queen Ant Updated Ring of Core Updated Earing of Orfen Updated Enhanced Ring of Core Updated Enhanced Earing of Orfen Such changes will make jewelry more valuable, which should contribute to the emergence of additional reasons for mass battles between players for such a significant reward. Other Information New Farming system which avoids Crafting and allow players to gear up easy and enjoy more the pvp side of the game. Everything in the server is farmable and nothing is exclusive to Donation. Unique Community Board which contains everything Buff Slots 28 + 14 . Enchanted Buffs for Premium Users. Auto-Learn skills till Level 85. Infinite soulshots and Arrows Inventory Slots and Weight Increased Class Transfer for Free Newbie Equimepent for Free Vote Rewards for Mass and Single Farmable Epic Bosses Fragments only Through MT Dungeon. Unique Cloak's NEW* Unique Agathions NEW* DressMe system for change your Visual Apparence. Hellbound island starting at Level 11 Toogle for Potions Auto Use (CTRL+CLICK on Skillbar) Mana Potions restore 1200 Mana every 12 Seconds. Crafting Removed everything is available through ALT + B Farming Zones Fixed to fit for a PvP server Removed all drop and spoil from monsters such as (Mats,Keys,Recipes,Herbs etc) there is no need for crafting Added Level up zones through Teleporter on ALT+B Shop equipment up to Vesper for Adena, Vorpal & Elegia for Diamond or Donation Coin. Server Economy How to get Adena & Saga Coin: & By farming Dragon Valley , Antharas Lair , Seed of Annhilation you can farm it. Example drop: How to get Donation Coins: By donating through our website. How to get Diamond: Events: Participation on Events (TvT, CTF , Deathmatch , Treasure Hunt etc) Custom Bosses: Participation on Custom Bosses by hitting the boss grants you access to reward at the boss death (Dragon Valley , Lair of Antharas , Seed of Annhilation) Daily Challenges: By completing all Daily Challenges allows you to get Diamond's at the end. Olympiad Olympiad Opened from 18:00 till 00:00 GMT +2 Inside Olympiad your gear enchantment will get automatically dropped to +6 To start the Olympiad in non-class battles need 4 players. Installed protection only one character per HWID. Olympiad Period 7 Days (1 Week). 120 Matches per week is given to every player. Teleportation time 30 seconds. Issuance of hero Every Saturday. By winning matches in Olympiad you get rewarded with 1000 (Olympiad Tokens) By losing matches in Olympiad you get rewarded with 250 (Olympiad Tokens) Olympiad Shop has been reworked. Bosses 8 Custom bosses with custom locations at Dragon Valley , Lair of Antharas and Seed of Annhilation. By hitting the boss every player who is alive get rewarded with Diamond. The bosses flags players who are around and hitting. All Epic Bosses and their guards have Level 80+. Epic Bosses respawn time Queen Ant: Every 20 Hours +1 Random Core: Every 46 Hours +1 Random Orfen: Every 46 Hours +1 Random Baium: Every Monday Window 21:00-23:00 GMT +2 Antharas: Every Tuesday Window 21:00-23:00 GMT +2 Valakas: Every Wednesday Window 21:00-23:00 GMT +2 Beleth: Every Thursday Window 21:00-23:00 GMT +2 (Custom Location for more PvP)
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    Идем сюда!!! Примем гвг направленные паки 9/9 так как много паков небудут играет после нг тагну несколько кп 9/9 маг или арчер с онлайном 15+ https://vk.com/untage skype lexus2009_ls
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    долбаёб на кампоте пишет янзу, просится в пати + зайти на гвг, а потом пишет гадости его мемберам на форуме) тебе обидно или че? что тебя уебана не взяли? янз если че не знал кто ты, спросил авторитетного мнения у людей в пати и челы сказали что худший отброс и уебище, и он тебе вежливо отказал, на тебе клеймо х1200 парашника, которого кикают из любой пати, которая имеет хотя бы самое ничтожное имя в этом комьюнити. перестаньте лезть в чужие дела, реально, челы. какая нахуй вам разница изза чего ливает янз или что происходит в его пати, или пати нелепости? на жизни вашей пати это никак не отразится, вы все так же будете писать на транслите всю жизнь как дегенераты и жрать на фрапс от дебошей или еще каких-то выбросов непонятных, успокойтесь и начните вести себя нормально
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    Мб сделаю трейн пострелять в вас - дэбилов. набора нет и не будет .
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    go update yourself
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    Cp Recluta/Recruit Full Active ppl x Epic RB TW + Siege pm in box if you know me or if we play together in any servr Recluto Pm in box si jugamos juntos en algun servr Regards to all/Saludos
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    Happy to see you guys - cya on spots
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    ахуенный серв уххахаах
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    only top clans got videos like that
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    cho na cosmo ne poshlo ?:D
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    dzaan tesli inglisuri moxoda gvelma