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Hello all! To connect to HighFive you have to:


1. [Recommend] The SAFEST way is to download our  L2SagaUpdater.exe Screenshot_114.jpg you can download all the client & the system with the latest updates! Just create a file in your C disk with the name Lineage add the updater inside and just run it. It will download all the game fast!

 When the download finish you can start the game from there [start the game] or from system folder/ filename:  launcher Screenshot_196.jpg

*Download the updater --> SagaUpdater

*Accounts will be auto-create with the first Game LogIn.


2. [Option] Download our Client  from here -->   Saga Website or Direct link

- Create a LineageII folder for our H5 client in your C disk.
- Unrar the download and Paste it in your H5 LineageII  FOLDER.

- Download our System from here -> Saga Website  or  Direct link
- You can start the game from there  from system folder/ filename:  launcher  <<-- Screenshot_196.jpg  


3. [Option] If You have already H5 client CLEAN then you just Download our System from here -> Saga Website or  Direct link

- Delete Your previous System folder 
- Unrar the download and Replace All the files in your H5 client.
- You can start the game from there  from system folder/ filename:  launcher  <<-- Screenshot_196.jpg


* has a unique interface that you can check here how to download it --> Interface

*Accounts will be auto-create with the first Game LogIn.

*Remember Don't try to log with any Program (adrenaline spoofer etc) you will have auto-ban for 1 hour.

*Is Recommend to run the Updater a few times the week, so you can keep your system up to date.


- If you still have log in problem do not hesitate to send us msg in our Facebook page: Saga Gaming  << Or Discord
- team would be happy to help you.



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