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Rates way to low

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The rates just feel way to low. You have 100X XP which feels fine. Then you have extremely low rates of ancient scrolls from Mon. of Silence. No one is going to farm 3+ hours for single A grade or 5+ hours for single S grade. This is extremely harmful for the server. When you hit max level in 2 hours then you're entire end game is farming HOURS for a single item, in a single dungeon that people will just PK you in. You run out of things to do almost entirely.  Time gated catacombs as well? Makes no sense. This is 2019 L2 private servers have extremely short lives if not done perfectly. I'm concerned for the server. Look into these changes like you did the Adena fix on launch.


Increase Mon. of Silence scroll drop x3 / x4

Increase Dinosaur scroll drop to compensate for buff on Mon. of Silence

Get rid of the time gate on catacombs? removing content behind a time gate? People have stuff to do in life. No one will stick around if they can't physically make the time gate it's an auto pass for me.


Or!!!  Cut the price of A / S grade item ancient scroll needed in half. 

Also no resist stun buff on NPC buffer makes dinosaur's insanely hard to farm with 2 people.


Anyone have anything they`ll like to add?

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