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  1. лф кп, прайм вечерний, знание хроник на 146%. На этом старте,есть желание сесть за арбу ( при необходимости рассмотрю и другие варианты). писать тут или дискорд Mexx/Mexxis#4061
  2. Mexx84


    Fix the fish. The bait disappears 8 out of 10 times. and even if at the same time you manage to catch at least some fish, it turns out to be empty. = (Please increase the fishing rate. Thank you
  3. Mexx84

    BlacKSerieS Clan

    Zdarova! Swing this swamp? ))))
  4. ПвП вставка в кинжал практически не работает снимает по 1 бафу с ничтожно малым шансом! я убил танка ножом династии без сс, за это время снял только 3 бафа!!! PvP insert into a dagger practically does not work removes 1 buff each with a negligible chance! I killed the tank with a dynasty knife without ss, during which time I only took 3 buffs !!!
  5. Mexx84

    box limit?

    3 windows per pc are very few. at least 4, and better than 5.
  6. Mexx84

    OBT login

    Turn on the OBT. Need to check a few quests and RB. And then the information reached that 7rb are not configured.
  7. Mexx84

    OBT login

    Does OBT work? I can not log into the server