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  1. ToshirO

    i got a problem

    Problem find are repair (a)
  2. ToshirO

    i got a problem

  3. ToshirO

    i got a problem

    when i want connect my char i got this : only this char have this problem name : Wayz Can u help me pls ?
  4. ToshirO

    re bug with celestial

    UP find the problem
  5. ToshirO

    re bug with celestial

    and i have too much CE like 1 per 3min
  6. ToshirO

    re bug with celestial

    when i use it same bug beta when i use it celestial disapear instant
  7. ToshirO

    bug connection

    every time i connect EU/RU proxy i cant move like im disconnect and when i connect to us proxy i have 3sec latency can u help me to fix it?
  8. ToshirO

    box max

    the anti cheat tell me max box 5 but after 3 box i go those error
  9. ToshirO

    FR Clan

    Pas que je sache surment de m0o ou autre mais aps de récents
  10. ToshirO

    crit errors with new system

    yup true, dress me make crash
  11. ToshirO

    FR Clan

    Non, on en est 3 CP FR actuellement
  12. ToshirO

    Some bug / cmd

    we got a big problem celestial shield time are 0.2sec in this server, can u fix it ? thx and can u re-activate .buffshield thx
  13. ToshirO


    if u kill 15k monsters with 9 ppl u get 9x70 gcm
  14. ToshirO


    yup but 15k are not much and true 70 are too much
  15. ToshirO


    70gcm/char are not realy low