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  1. Dienutza

    change race

    why would u do that ,are u gay??
  2. Dienutza

    Cloaks Belts

    festival shop and vote shop are different things u know?u gonnna add it on fa shop too or ...??
  3. Dienutza

    L2adrenaline works now

    ye u have bot hunters and disabled bot report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dienutza


    ok so u get debuffed in death match+respawn+wait 5 sec to rebuff + no spawn protection=rebuff never ..great job gms ..mby this time u will fix this shit not like the last server!
  5. Dienutza


    it's not the system ..it doesn't work if u had other system remains or that deadz interface so go reinstall client and will work
  6. Dienutza


    guess we will see when beta open
  7. Dienutza


    i rly doubt a delf archer would do such pathetic dmg mby u dunno set it up
  8. Dienutza


    he want to give more patck like on brazon servers