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  1. Hello to everyone We are going to play Mage cp LF Mages,Cardinal 18 oo 24 oo gmt 3 На постоянную основу готовые играть с 19:00 мск! без проебов ! и тому подобное в кенс кп!со связью !Magi и Cardinal ! Пишите в Скайп cazac123 вк https://vk.com/megan1337
  2. teddybear

    Clan West Panic

  3. teddybear

    PinkPower is coming

    its just the truth
  4. teddybear

    LF CP ( any class prefer DD / BP )

    sorry miss click
  5. teddybear

    LF CP ( any class prefer DD / BP )

    here some videos from him singing for x factor
  6. teddybear

    PinkPower is coming

    up for monkeys
  7. teddybear

    BP LF CP

    hi whats hour can u play and if u speak english at least
  8. teddybear

    Pederas CP

    hahah welcome
  9. teddybear

    Маг пак

    up lf members 4elikov
  10. teddybear


    impossible how u tested it give screens
  11. teddybear

    Маг пак