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  1. Gillette

    Broken dagger simple fix

    I am sorry if I was too eliptic. For example: "silent move" as a toggle skill get deactivated on random hits. "fake death" as a toggle skill can't be inactivated pressing the skill button, only with "/stand" "blowChance" = ? Also, when you have a target and press a skill there is a delay between pressing the skill and action, something like 1,5-2 seconds. Thx !
  2. Gillette

    Broken dagger simple fix

    Dear developer, Broken dagger (Adventurer) skill found so far: - Bluff - switch - trick - dual blow - lethal blow - deadly blow - throwing dagger - sand bomb Also, there is an unusual /delay_? (01/02/?) for skills to be activated Thanks God for skill /attack that works fine. Can you take your time and fix those ? Thank you !