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  1. L0RDI

    Cp - 007

    Contact me here bro , discord : LORDI-iNSANE-Xrhstos#6610 or in game , old saga x15 name l0rdi / beta LORDIv2, int / gr clan with already at least 2 cps + many solo players.
  2. L0RDI

    Gladi lf CP/Clan

    If you guys creat some cps or smthing even solo players , i can recruit you but you guys need to be active + join discord Clan Delirium We are also on beta server, you can contact with me on discord or in game. discord : LORDI-iNSANE-Xrhstos#6610
  3. We Will Play On This Server Mostly To Have Fun, And Be Competitive For Epics And PVP. We Will Be Recuiting Active Solo Players / Cps 7-9/9-9 For Any Further Information Contact Me Through Discord LORDI-iNSANE-Xrhstos#6610 INT / GREEK CLAN . Hope To See You On Season 2 ! !