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  1. Yes for both of you contact with me in game "senjuro or senjuro#5860 discord
  2. Im looking for one more CP! -ARCHER- Contact me!
  3. Senjuro

    Cp - 007

    You can add senuro#5860 on discord its me for further discussion !
  4. Senjuro

    About Online Players to be expected

    add me on discord my friend or in fb
  5. ~StayHome~ Clan Looking for a new memebrs for the upcoming L2 Saga! - Core Players! - Full Cp's / Half / Solo / Supports! - Discord / Ts "Team Speak! - Heavy Focus on Team Work and Fair Gaming! - Support Players are Loved and Helped ! Everyone is Welcomed especialy Supports are Double welcomed !! Pm me on Forum or Discord : senjuro #5860 . or FB Feel free to drop any discuss / classes / cp's etc.. Edited 3/21/2020 By Senjuro ! Be rdy!