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  1. SolwaT

    Debuffs/Classes Mentality Resist

    What he meant, is that when he start casting and someone hide behind obstacle, he should still get the damage but here the cast is canceled and wont land. About debuffs now, what is the minimum land rate on most of them ? because some of them seems got it set too much. For example: if fear would have minimum land rate of 10% - no matter how much resist u gonna have it will still have that 10%. Maybe it is not about their land rate but their minimum land rate. Fear - yes it got nerfed, it lands less often now and people kinda stopped using it as it is kinda not worth it anymore. For high crits from archers/trickster/DB like i said in other topic. There is a resist buff -30% crit damage wich is mandatory and is missing from npc buffer that u can't cast on events. Therefor distance chars with high crit damage dealing tons and not even worrying about reflect... There is something to think about as there is many people left server already. Making season 3 is fine, just don't forget about ur main server. There is still people playing here.
  2. SolwaT

    Chant of Protection

    Hi there ! Could you add Chant of Protection to the alt+b buffer please ? Because it is really getting so annoying...On the events at 4.5k pdef getting crits from a "trickster" for 5-6k its not fun... This is one of the most important resist buffs for pvp and its not there. I don't mind CC being only avaiable from buffers, but CoP is a must at npc buffer. Thank you
  3. SolwaT

    About merge

    Totally agree, result was clearly for 4th. To be honest, people on season2 are already well geared, dont think there would much difference between s1 and s2 gear wise.
  4. SolwaT

    FEAR Landing chances broken

    Totally agree with that, at oly vs nukers about 80% fights fear +cost lands...even tested that and it seems +chance/cost have kinda same land rate. Would be more fair if cost had much less land rate or at least shorter duration because 1.1min is an insta win. Even in mass pvp fear lands quite often. I understand its a most usable debuff for nukers but come on...