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  1. Hello everyone , for our newest season we have decided to start prepare new stuff and for this reason we are looking for your opinions about our new season. Feel free to express your opinions but choosing what you think would be better.
  2. =Rean=

    Server Need Some Help

    Due do the fact that we mostly use discord for our community discussion this is why we don't have the forum much active.
  3. =Rean=

    Broken dagger simple fix

    I don't even know what are you saying. This way u say stuff is so unusual
  4. =Rean=

    Login acc

    Account is Auto Create
  5. =Rean=

    Clan Bonus

    NPC Bonus in Giran or Main Town
  6. Maybe u are using the wrong client?
  7. =Rean=


    Did you deleted the system before you started l2saga updater?
  8. Hello you are using L2Saga Classic Updater U need to use the L2Saga Updater. Delete the System and then start L2Saga Updater and wait for make full update
  9. =Rean=

    PIN in game

    Hello mate PM me on discord and i will help you fix it
  10. =Rean=


    Check from Donation Shop button withdraw. For taking ur coins in Game!
  11. L2Saga.net Facebook Promotion Event Rules: Like and follow our Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/l2sagagaming Tag 3 Friends and Leave your Nickname under this post - HERE Share this post to your profile - HERE You must have at least 30 friends! Only public share is valid, so we could check it! Example Do not delete the shared post until the end of the drawing Event: 5 Winners will be selected randomly on a Live Stream from Server Staff. Rewards will be given Monday (15-06-2020) Reward will be 300 Donation Coins for the 5 Random Players and all players who participate get 30 saga coins ! Good Luck!
  12. =Rean=

    Mystic Tavern

    Bosses will be added there before live servers.
  13. =Rean=

    Various bugs found on OBT

    Hello @Vitas thanks you for the feedback. 1) Dragon Valley mobs are pretty easy and they have been balanced to be farmed even as solo. Because on PTS you are never able to farm this locations as solo player you need full party to be able to farm on any kind of zone. 2) Aura flash on monsters interrupt their upcoming hit and it works fine i just tested it out. 3) This is why they are called "Scouts" even from the offical game and this is how they are supposed to work. 4) I will check for the respawn of it and i can see what should be, if there is any issue our side we will fix it up. I would like to let you know if you played on any other private servers around and you see differences doesn't mean that we have problems. We made the game like this because we want to keep the game as Retail as Possible and not change everything like other servers do.
  14. =Rean=


    Delete your System and Open L2Saga Updater. Make a full repair of ur client , if doesn't help that mean prolly u missing something from ur client and need new client!
  15. =Rean=


    Classic server has been postponed and will not open any time soon