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    Lf russian or english speaking cp

    hello man, conatct me on discord xNolife#5318
  2. Hello guys we decided to join this server again. We are looking for some players, with EU prime time, atleast 18-23 GMT +1 MINIMUM. Most of the party will be 24/7 resp. 18/7 We preffer Bishop, but if you are high online, we will find something. More info in dirrect or discord - xNolife#5318 Our videos from other servers and last saga also. (Valhalla 1x, Saga 15x, Essence Blue official, Beyond 7x)
  3. Martin Snip Nemec

    Debuffs Landing

    Dude, mages are 1hit from most of fighters on this server. Chill
  4. Martin Snip Nemec

    L2 Saga Clan Wars - xNolife Adventurer POV

    comments,advices welcomed 🙂