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  1. Zak

    problem at running launcher

    Unistall the client and install it again, also then put our server files and run launcher.exe
  2. Zak

    [Event] Twitch Event

    Hello community of L2Saga, i'm here to announce you our new event , Twitch Event. Follow the rules and you will get the reward automatically. 1. Reply here your Twitch Channel Link. 2. Stream Only L2Saga. 3. Do not Stream other server , Permant Ban for Character and forum profile. 4. Every Streamer will get automatically reward For get reward follow this : 1. Press .stream 2. Add your twitch link 3. You are ready for streaming ! Let's have fun! Waiting you at 10/1/2020!
  3. Zak

    Έλληνες του l2

    Καλησπέρα φίλε, x15 είναι low mid mixed, donation list θα το δεις όχι στο beta αλλά στο opening το beta πιο πολύ είναι για να τεσταρουμε και εμείς μαζί με τους players. Όσο γιαυτό, θα προσπαθήσουμε το andrenaline να το βγάλουμε knock out. Για τα boxes θα το αναφέρω και αυτό επίσης, ευχαριστούμε και ελπίζουμε να σε δούμε στο opening μας ?
  4. Zak


    Hello! He have clan manager in giran that gives you bonuses, also for twitch we have a command .stream. About advertising event no, we dont have any of this event, but for twitch event i will add it before G.O.
  5. Zak

    about server

    Our Team Knows that many servers open & closed fast, even a month has passed. So we start from the basic. We will make a "clean" server, we will not pay any clan, like many servers do. This is for one weeks after this clan goes to the next server that offers more money. In saga No Free Items No Corruption & also the Gms will not have acces to create items or to enchant etc, will be on the server only for work. We have many ideas to keep the server active with full advertise & Much more tha you will hear soon.... All this is done for one purpose --- > To make the Server to stay for Long Time Alive ! Of course we will need yours Support & i dont Mean about donation , i Mean to Stay and play in the server.
  6. Zak


    You are welcome Zeppelin have a nice holidays too! Lets have some fun!
  7. Zak

    Έλληνες του l2

    Eiste eusprodeuktoi kai se euxaristoume gia ta kala sou logia, na ste kala pame dunata L2Saga!
  8. 1. Insulting GM's - Admins on any public channel is a bannable 2. Expressions like "Server is dead" or "Leaving Server, free items" or similar is a bannable offense 3. "WTT items here for other Server" is a Bannable Offense 4. Selling & Buying items for real money is a bannable offense 5. Advertising other servers is a bannable offense 6. Hacking into any account will lead to being banned immediately. However players have to be responsible for their own accounts. Gm's will not give back any item if your account was hacked, so if you want to give your login and password to anyone, you do it at your own risk 7. Do not ask any staff members for items, adena, mobs, or exp. They are not allowed to give out anything 8. GM's will NEVER ask you about your account info! If you'll get scammed, hacked, or whatever, it's your own problem and Staff won't take any action, except punishing the offender. Lost items WILL NOT be given back 9. As well as trying with programs - interface to create any problem in the game is a bannable offense 10. We offer support services via , Discord , Forum , Favebook , Petition. 11. Bot is strickly forbidden. 12. RMT is a bannable offense. IMPORTANTWe reserve our right to change these terms without warning. Thank you for your support.
  9. Zak

    Facebook event?

    Hello and welcome, our team need to discuss it, soon we will announce if there any event
  10. Zak

    What to expect from the project?

    This time we are trying to give at our community to have a better H5 Project of course without corruptions, without paid clans and trying to kick out the bots. Also we give more advertisement than other projects and we are waiting many people to join us and make the best mid rate H5 server and long term!