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    Dear players, in order to attract a wider audience for LSaga, we are launching this Advertisement Event! If you want to help our server and get a reward, then this promotion is especially for you! The goal: To inform as much people as possible and make them aware of our server. Reward Requirements: You must make screenshots of your advertisement/promotional content of Lineage 2 related websites, forums, blogs, and social media groups like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & etc; All of your screenshots should be zipped archive, and uploaded to File sharing like - http://rgho.st/ & https://zippyshare.com/ or other's. The minimum number of screenshots of each participant must be at least 20 units! It is forbidden to use one account to different participants of the event! It is forbidden to duplicate or use old screenshots! Example of an advertising banner: Sample of advertising message: Application format: Link to your archive; Your nickname in game. The quality of the work performed by each participant of the action will be assessed individually by the LSaga team. The five most active participants will be rewarded with prizes! For non-observance of the rules, the participant of the event will be automatically disqualified! Rewards: All participants will receive for their work: 3 Day's premium status! 1st place - 500 Donation Coins or 40 USD 2nd place - 400 Donation Coins or 35 USD 3rd place - 300 Donation Coins or 27 USD 4th place - 200 Donation Coins or 15 USD 5th place - 100 Donation Coins or 8 USD The event will last until 1 April, and Winners of this event get prizes at 3 April
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    Всем привет ! пт 19-30 00-00 по киеву. минимальный донат. любая говорилка уши\микро. стартовать буду за мага( возможно дод ) мейн будет гладик. Ищу релакс клан с адекватными людьми для комфортного времяпровождения ) либо кп 10-м без задромодов. О себе : 30 годков мальчику. шутки юмор обеспечу ) пишите в лс (если такие будут xD) Всем добра и спелых сисек !
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    hi ...Dominator need ?
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    Waddup, Archer class looking for a clan. I'm active from US looking for English speaking clan.
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    Polacy 👌 odezwe sie w grze
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    We will join this server as we always do , fuk brazonka in 2k20 looking for a competitive clan for Epics and Sieges We gonna play Mages for start and reroll to Fighter later on
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    Hello - First of all this is not a place for talk about "Fix" this is General Discussion section. Second about Death-Match i will check it out (Thanks for the report) Third about "Fake resists" there is no such things as fake resists maybe you are used to play on servers with nerfed debuffs but that is not Lineage 2. our Skills are based on L2OFF formulas and works how they are supposed to work. But for your concern i will take another look to the Skills and Debuffs. Thanks you!
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    Totally agree with that, at oly vs nukers about 80% fights fear +cost lands...even tested that and it seems +chance/cost have kinda same land rate. Would be more fair if cost had much less land rate or at least shorter duration because 1.1min is an insta win. Even in mass pvp fear lands quite often. I understand its a most usable debuff for nukers but come on...
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    Hello everyone, on behalf of L2Saga Team we would like to make a Big Announce. First of all we want to give a huge thanks to all these players who supported us from day 1 until now and to all these players that gave us their feedback and helped our server. We appreciate every single one of you for being here with us and for trusting us. As you can see we are here with you working daily, taking care of your issues and helping out new and old players who join our server. Our Announcement has to do with Project x15 which from now on it will be our Master Server. The Master Server (Project High Five x15) WILL NEVER GO OFFLINE AND THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO WIPE. Our plan is even bigger than this. If in the future months community wants us to open a new project, a new server with different rates, but similar to the Master Server, all these future projects that we may launch at the end of their lives will be MERGED with the Master Server (this one you play now). This way we can provide you fresh, new projects but you will never lose your players and/or items. Let's say for example that on May you want to play to a fresh, new server. We'll launch this server and when it comes to it's ending we will merge everything to the x15 server. And so on. We could not get here without our players without our community , thanks to everyone and we wish you have a pleasant game on L2Saga.