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    Could we get more information what was changed in terms of class balance and farming?
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    Do not make fucking shirt on night trader becouse rich kids will be make olf +10 on start ,regards this ,server with this item destroys balance !
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    Recruting CP 5/9 9/9 ! PL/SLO/CZE Rekrutacja do klanu Corsair CP 5/9 9/9 oraz solo Q ! Obowiazkowy TS3. Zapraszam PM
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    ALOOO, I am the last of eveRed. I will play alone so if someone is missing a party member just say me Have a nice day and GL with server
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    regroup to padavalka
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    Всех приветствую дамы и господа , будем тут , клан не предлагать, нуждаемся в 2,3 ответственных ребят , умеющих нажимать кнопочки, если надо, то завести 2,3 окна , имеющие чувство юмора и пунктуальность ( если 5 минут , сказал , значит не дольше чем 5 минут) играть по 24 часа не планируем , но планы как всегда глобальные! так же нуждаюсь в парочке ответственных 10ых на взаимовыгодных условиях , по всем вопросам писать в лс https://discord.gg/RqqS22k eng All greetings ladies and gentlemen, we will not offer the clan to those in need of 2.3 responsible guys who know how to press buttons, if necessary, then start 2.3 windows that have a sense of humor and punctuality (if 5 minutes, he said, it means no longer than 5 minutes) are not planned to play for 24 hours, but the plans are global as always! I also need a couple of responsible 10s on mutually beneficial terms, write to HP for all questions мультики/видео/фрапсы/кино/media youtube.ru/RNCNsbRvS0w youtube.ru/gugSpZJx-mE[ youtube.ru/ORennqrFhls youtube.ru/jk5QROvybCg youtube.ru/9xMvtboHPB8 youtube.ru/XYx8MkwHq-Q youtube.ru/hLTmuPMYM04 youtube.ru/2dyVn-ACtUk youtube.ru/WXVIrHpx5g0
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    Hi, I'm NiCko. I make a clan to join all those who want to fight in mass battles. As always, I gather all kinds of people, regardless of the experience I have already few partyes. We have a plan and we have a passion to play for victory. Like all leaders, I prefer ready-made parties, but I can also help organize the game for busy people to make good setups. Anyone who has played with me knows what I'm talking about, and those who haven't expect me to trust me and indulge in the fun. Greetings to all and good luck! We have TS3 and discord chanel.
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    and this is my video of total domination and combination of pure movement
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    Delete your System and Open L2Saga Updater. Make a full repair of ur client , if doesn't help that mean prolly u missing something from ur client and need new client!