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OBT - Olympiad Event [FINISHED]

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L2Luna Olympiad Event during our Beta Test Server



  • Event will start once our OBT (Open Beta Test) will be online.
  • Event will end when our OBT(Open Beta Test) will be offline.
  • Everyone will be able to participate on the Olympiad.
  • Every player who will achieve first position for each respective classes will be rewarded.
  • Reward will be given Wednesday - 11-20-2019
  • Reward will be 200 Festival Adena & 10 Giant Codex Mastery for everyone who finish first position.

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The winners from Olympiad Event on OBT are this: 

Duelist - q2one
Dreadnought - nevermad
Phoenix Knight - sovereign
Hell Knight - chsvhellknight
Sagittarius - MaStouRaS
Adventurer - sdx
Archmage - ghyez
Soultaker - iSandres
Arcana Lord - iceStrike
Cardinal - ilmerski
Hierophant - Asdfg
Eva's Templar - chsvevastemplar
Sword Muse - T8
Wind Rider - mainFX
Moonlight Sentinel - Klaud
Mystic Muse - zshat
Elemental Master - MarcelineAbadeer
Eva's Saint - Falqo
Shillien Templar - championforchsv
Spectral Dancer - MarceVampire
Ghost Hunter - TwojStary
Ghost Sentinel - Arrow
Storm Screamer - Схшник
Spectral Master - QQQ10
Shillien Saint - xEnchantress
Titan - ArianaGrande    
Grand Khavatari - xFal
Dominator - MarceAbadeer
Doomcryer - xd0natello
Fortune Seeker - Testiko2
Maestro - BombMaestro
Doombringer - ttzztr
Soul Hound - MTVQ
Trickster -  chsvtrickster



All players of this character names should contact me on private message via Forum!

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