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High Five x50 - 13 of May [Ruby]

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New High Five Server - Ruby» -  Progressive Craft-PvP x50.
» Grand Opening - 13th of May 2022 - 22:00 GMT +3! «


   Basic Features

 tick.png Server Chronicles: High Five 5.
 tick.png Platform: Java + PTS (Skills, Ai, Geo Engine).
 tick.png Server: Craft-PvP - Progressive , Weekly Updates.
tick.png Maximum Clients per HWID : 3
tick.png Buff Slots: 24+4 +12 Dances and Songs
tick.png Auto Loot: On 
tick.png Server Time: GMT +3
tick.png Server Auto Restart: 01:30 AM (Daily)
tick.png Weight Limit: Unlimited
tick.png Auto Learn Skills: On
tick.png Mana Potions: 1000 MP - 15 Seconds cooldown
tick.png Auto CP/HP/MP : .acp & CTRL+Click on Skillbar
tick.png Class Transfer: free
tick.png Nobless Quest: retail
tick.png Offline Store: .offline
tick.png Auction Market: ALT+B

Basic Rates

 EXP/SP: x50
 Adena: x15
 Drop: x15
 Spoil: x15
 Quest: x5
 Epaulettes: x5
 Fame: x5
 Manor: x5
 Raid Boss: x1

 Safe Enchant +4
 Max Enchant +16

First Stage

First stage will have a duration of 1 Week and will consist of this characteristic's:

  • The following Locations will not be available during the first stage.

                                   1. Lair of Antharas [Kariks Location]

  • The following Instances will not be available during the first stage.

                                   1. Hard Freya

  • The following Epic Bosses will be available during the first stage.

                                  1. Queen Ant 
                                  2. Core 
                                  3. Orfen 


  • Olympiad Start: Saturday 21 May 2022
  • Olympiad Period: 1 Week
  • Olympiad Matches: 100 Matches
  • Olympiad Rewards: 1000 Olympiad Tokens for win and 250 Olympiad Tokens for lose.
  • Olympiad Shop updated with better rewards.

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