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Changelog - 28 March 2021 - Nemesis x15

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Changelog - Nemesis Beta.
:white_check_mark:Added new patch on website - or Delete current system and run L2SagaUpdater.exe
:white_check_mark:Added command .km-to-me-all for clan leader summon. (Limited in zones and time). 
:white_check_mark:Increased Gladiator skill power in PvP. 
:white_check_mark:Increased General monsters Accuracy. 
:white_check_mark:Fixed Scheme buff row of giving buffs. 
:white_check_mark:Added Special world map bosses with auto flag , custom drops and Soul Crystal Level Up.

  • Bosses list:
  • Water Spirit Lian , Gwindorr , Last Titan Utenus , Giant Marpanak , Hekaton Prime , Gorgolos , Ketra's Hero Hekaton , Ketra's Commander Tayr , Ketra's Chief Brakki , Varka's Hero Sadith , Varka's Commander Mos , Varka's Chief Horus , Ember , Uruka , Cherub Galaxia , Fire of Wrath Shuriel , Last Lesser Giant Glaki , Hestia , Flamestone Giant , Storm Winged Naga , Last Lesser Giant Olkuth , Decarbia, Death Lord Ipos , Death Lord Shax. 

:white_check_mark:Added OLF shirt on character creation for live server. 
:white_check_mark:General fix for monsters loot for missing or wrong loot %. 
:white_check_mark:Added Newbie Shop for Starter Gear (Main Community Board). 
:white_check_mark:In progress for Macro issue to fix.
:white_check_mark:Finalized Donation Bonuses from Website.

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