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L2Saga Tutorial - Monstrous Treasure Dungeon.

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Hello L2Saga community, this tutorial will guide you through the Monstrous Treasure event. Monstrous Treasure is an L2Saga unique dungeon where players can join and win unique rewards including Olf shirts & Scrolls. How to join the Dungeon, by farming everywhere around the map from all 80+ Level monsters you have a chance to spawn the Monstrous Treasure chest and encounter its Guardians. After Defeating the Guardians you are able to collect the reward from the Chest which includes Mysterious Fragments. You will need to collect 100 Mysterious Fragments to enter the Dungeon. The Monstrous Treasure Dungeon NPC find it on Giran next to the Olympiad Monument. You can enter the dungeon solo or with your friends, but be aware, the more players will join the harder monsters will be. Inside the dungeon, you'll have to kill bosses protected by their guards. You can focus the boss at once or kill guards first to make it's boss weaker. Each killed boss will give you 1 point, you have 5 Minutes to collect as Many Points as possible, The more points you farm the better rewards will be. Thanks everyone see you on the battlefield on the 18th of September, L2Saga Team.

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