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Found 3 results

  1. BlackStyleGamer


  2. Hello guys we decided to join this server again. We are looking for some players, with EU prime time, atleast 18-23 GMT +1 MINIMUM. Most of the party will be 24/7 resp. 18/7 We preffer Bishop, but if you are high online, we will find something. More info in dirrect or discord - xNolife#5318 Our videos from other servers and last saga also. (Valhalla 1x, Saga 15x, Essence Blue official, Beyond 7x)
  3. Anakim , Barakiel , Korim , Golkonda , Lord Hallate many more i cannot remember the names of the old days RB's all over the map and they all seem pretty much useless in H5 , my idea is adding these cool RB's in to the somewhere in map and make sure places where many ppl get in and pvp till one side give up and let the others kill the boss RB's should spawn every 2hour // 15min + - Place must be ALL time PVP zone ( More pvp always good ) Place must be cooldown in order to enter again via PT like 5 min. ( Pt leader only can enter 9 ppl every 5min. ) RB's must survive at least 15min fight BOOST HP + DMG on every RB and make sure they fit for h5 requirements. RB loot must be worthy ( 15 BEWS , 20 BEAS ,30 GC , 15 GCM , 1,000 Noble Stones ( A LOT ) , Vesper Armor Pieces , Vesper Weapons , 35 Top Life Stones , ++ Adena ( 25 - 50m ) %1 Chance Vorpal armor. When everyone done with farming and fine armors and items etc. Nobody will go out of from town except few instances and castle wars , If we have this opportunity to be able to pvp every 2h for something actually worth in game currency everyone will try to beat eachother all the time 24/7 day/night everyone will get something from it eventually even the in the middle of the night there will be 2 pt's fighting for something rewarding , server will be alive and everyone will gather someone to their PT or their guild try to gain more even just for BEWS its really worth to give a try and have a fun. Thats my idea, sorry for my bad english, if you have any other fuhrer questions please comment below and let me know what u think about it, thanks.