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  1. Freez

    Can't create account

    Hey , you try to run the game throw system/launcher ? if yes and problem still , pls run the l2sagaupdater.exe and make check again.
  2. только что открыл [New era]
  3. Freez

    Opening in Moscow time

    Hey, Moscow Time --> 21:00 (today) 27/03/20
  4. Freez

    -Update Client/MAPS -

  5. Freez

    Line over text issue

    Close your game client, Download our updater from here --> SagaUpdater, add it in your H5 client folder and run it. - If still, the problem exists create a new Folder, for example, LineageII in your C, add inside the updater and run it. When the download finish Start the game from the updater or from system/launcher. *Is your client problem.
  6. Freez

    OBT Beta server is online. Season 2 [New Era] x25 --System -->
  7. Freez


    Yes beta will open tonight 22/03/20 21:00 gmt+2 Aslo more inform you can find here -- > L2Saga - Season #2 High Five - x25 [New Era]
  8. Freez


    Hey , Just run the updater you will be fine. IF problems still please contact us.
  9. Freez

    -Update Client/MAPS -

    - Update Client/MAPS - Fix problems with Geodata on Olympiad Arena. Please download this file and replace it on the MAPS folder into your Lineage 2 then start the game normally from Launcher.exe all will be working fine. Thank you: Link 1 : Lineage II / MAPS Link 2 : Lineage II/ MAPS
  10. Freez

    Acces Failed

  11. Freez

    Requesting unban - no rules broken

    it is forbidden to buy Items with real money . You dont have to read it somewhere to understand it.
  12. Freez


    it is encrypt file, for that your antivirus block it. You can add it in the whitelist.