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    Hello guys, holidays for most of us are now over. We hope that all of you had a great time! Now it's finally time for some action! After 2 years, we are back to offer you a nice and long-term server! A general rule is: High Rates = Low Duration, Low Rates = Duration but Difficulty and Huge complains from Players. So we will use a balanced formula to success our goal. We will use PTS files, so feel free to ask anything that is not familiar to you. Opening inside October. Contact us for more info: Skype: L2Sagasupport Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2sagagaming/
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    Mage party with 4 ppl needs 5 moreSetup:HK/Cardi/Cardi/BD/OL/SPS/SPS/Archmage/NecroPrime time 18-22 gmt+3Send me a pm on forum if you are intersted
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    Hello dear players. Before joining our server we think that you must read carefully our Information page on site & features. Features & Information about Server
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    Daily login rewards for all players. Just login and get your daily gift. You only need one login on server for every day in order to get continuous gifts.
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    Beta server will be launched 15 - 27 of October.