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  2. macro

    I am glad it's ok for you now too.
  3. macro

    i reinstall client and put patch new and all works good now..prolly i was missing smthg ...the custom interface wasn't working all good.Don't fire up NotMage chillax
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  5. macro

    are you blind or something ? it works and w/o epic it obvious on visual and if you put f1 claw and f2 the macro! propably something wrong with you
  6. macro

    ofc it works when u put freya or valakas..they should work wo tho as it works on gladi wo any epics...and yeah i know how to make a macro ty
  7. macro

    mate you know how to make the macro ? i test right now the vamipric claw and is ok DO THAT press f1 check the reuse then press f2 and check the reuse : and then put valakas and recheck it!
  8. macro

    how about vampiric claw?is 1 sec reuse and with macro is doesnt work for all skills go test.Ah and on slh doesnt work either on soul of pain
  9. In our server effects from RB jewels are working more than fine. Debuffs chances are completely based of what your opponent is wearing. I suggest to give this one more try, cause I really think it's working fine.
  10. macro

    Macro commands are behind a system that is affecting the whole skill engine. So this way of using skills is related to all of them.
  11. macro

    i try it to aura flash work perfect , on fear too , basicly on all skills work perfect ! propably you dont test it correctly on other chars! and on healer is to fking op the macro ,maybe there you should change something!
  12. filles?

    Glad you fixed it. Right.
  13. Why the macro -1 sec reuse works only on gladi and gk?Either u make it for all classes or remove it at all..gonna be a full fighter server=boring
  14. filles?

    It definitely does not. Try with a clean system. All community board links are pointing to our pages.
  15. Can you fix the buffs status ? Currently, they are considered as a debuff. For example, we see things such as "Shield has succeeded" and it appears on screen. I guess the server sent them as debuff with a 100% landrate. I tried with your clean client, and some other interface, same issue.
  16. filles?

    It's clearly L2J. It seems to be Lionna's source actually. Link from Community Board still redirect to Lionna's Facebook/Site/Paypal lol.
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  18. Всем всем доброго времени суток! Врываемся на старт. Под таг нужны пару кп 7/9. Держащие хороший прайм на старте, в дальнешейшем эпики/осады/тв! Группа в вк:
  19. Hold on, we are going to check it asap and give you feedback.
  20. Hi, guys/girls Banjo here I have tested the skill bleed and the success rate is low at the moment. I hope that some classes will get tweaked and get small buff and nerfs. When i finish the test for all classes i will repost or update this one
  21. Всем привет! Идем на сервер в 6кп,доберу пару паков Скайп lidni Вк
  22. Beta will be up at 19:00 GMT +3 Download patch link: Accounts are auto-create only during beta phase. All items, level etc will be wiped at live server.
  23. Mage party with 4 ppl needs 5 moreSetup:HK/Cardi/Cardi/BD/OL/SPS/SPS/Archmage/NecroPrime time 18-22 gmt+3Send me a pm on forum if you are intersted
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  25. Participate at Facebook Event and get Free Premium Account for 3 Days instantly at Opening! Comment with your char nickname and share this post: Extra Rewards: 3-5 tag friends --> 10 FA 6-9 tag friends --> 25 FA 10+ tags --> 50 FA If you have any questions about server contact us : Skype : l2sagasupport
  26. Hello everyone! We are an international clan that is recruiting active people. Everyone is welcome, the only requisite is to speak english. We try to help each other in everything we can. We are looking forward to clear high end instances with the clan as well as pvp or overall farming, we even have a discord server for that. For more info pm Caciba/hecputoamo/Duvis in game. Conquer
  27. FunClub Зайдем в 4-5 паков Доберу 10-11-х Доберу пару тройку только ПВП паков маг/арчер через ХК (6/9-9/9) Подумаю насчёт грамотных ПЛов - способных вокруг себя сколотить нормальный пвп пакет. 100% присутствие 9/9 на клан ивентах/эпиках/осадах skype: alfash По луту: КПД паков + ГВГ Флуд АП по добору в паки КП 1 фулка КП 2 набор БП/СВС/ДА КП 3 фулка КП 4 - 2 тела готовых за любую профу
  28. Clan hopeless recruit international active cps for epic boss/siege//tw 6/9 -7/9-8/9-9/9 More information : post/pm n forum or ingame pm "iangel
  29. L/F active clan top or not that go to epics
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