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  2. 6 ppl recruiting a mage pt.2 SPH and 1 Healer.Pm me here.
  3. BD lf for clan or cp.Ts3 english speaking.
  4. Hello everyone! The clan is international, ENGLISH based, looking forward to having a core active group of players located around Europe (as most active hours), but with a perspective to make group activities during the whole day, regardless of the active hours/locations of the members. So being said, we are happy to invite players from any location/timezone. Requirements to join: * Decent English (basic level, at least what's needed to understand and be understood); * Friendly attitude - In a decent range of services, we seek to help each other through the gameplay tasks, if/when possible, without too much drama. We have Team Speak channel, Clan website/forum. For more info, PM one of the following characters in game on Beta: "Scorpyoon ''Parvati "Romanoff "Euphorion "vrl "Errica Good luck and may the odds be always in your favor!
  5. We are 4 ppl,looking for clan. Activity 6-8 hours per day. We prefer english speaking clan,let me pm here for more info. Cya in-game
  6. Executioners If you aspire to be one of us, ensure that you meet requirements now and make choices that will keep you eligible over time. REQUIREMENTS You understand English in spoken and written terms You are both competitive and dedicated as a player You have experience of having played in clan/cp before You are mature and treat your clan members with respect You can take criticism without getting upset KEY THINGS TO CONSIDER We set the standards. It's up to you to exceed them. you can apply by sending a PM to TheManyFacedGod
  7. Hello, You can find more info on our website. We'll add them here in forums too. There will be a H5 server too soon, but is still under development. There will be a relative announce when the project is on final stage.
  8. Hello,we waiting about 2 years for H5 server,and you open IL chronicle? Btw we will make a try,inform us about more features,you will have mana,npc buffer etc?
  9. Interlude Server Grand Opening

    We'll be there
  10. Будем здесь.По добору.Не каждый может держать постоянный прайм, поэтому доберу ребят про запас.1 бп в приоритете.И пару магов. Будем ломать кабины. Писать сюда : skype : mrdes1ony ; VK -Стартанем в составе какого-то клана. Или как иногда делаем создадим свой, будем играть в один пак раскинув всем вар. Ну и по обычаю, как говорил один мой знакомый:Варам х*й в сраку и перо под ребро.
  11. Будем тут как и каждый старт, но уже в составе 1 кп. Как обычно маг пакет ботов. Возможно приму сильно-знакомого овера. Буду стукачить на каждого ботовода по кд, так что не советую увлекаться подобными вещами))))) Всем ГЛ ГФ Поехали...
  12. Interlude Server Grand Opening

    Beta opening for the Interlude server.
  13. Interlude Server Beta Opening

    Beta opening for the Interlude server.
  14. Welcome to Pages

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